Joint Advanced Student School

JASS (Joint Advanced Student School) is an annual Russian-German initiative to teach about emerging technologies using project-driven software development. The school is a place where students and professors from different countries gather for short-term, project-oriented, project-driven education in international teams. In five days, each team of students creates and delivers a finished project. The topics typically studied include mobile devices, the Internet of Things, industrial applications, autonomous mobile robotics and transportation, and virtual reality.

Smart software for the smart industry
The new era of industrial software relies on two essential points: first, an interconnection between machines, devices, sensors, and people; second, information transparency which provides people with vast amounts of useful information needed to make appropriate decisions. Total device-human-software interconnectivity and interoperability allow us to collect immense amounts of data and information from all points in the manufacturing process, thus aiding people in understanding big comprehensive systems; the ability of assistance systems to support humans by aggregating and visualizing information comprehensively for making informed decisions and solving urgent problems on short notice. Virtual and augmented reality provides an ability to look inside the technical systems.

During the school, students will work to create smart industrial software using a wide spectrum of devices (iOS/Android smartphones and tablets, MS Hololens, and more) and technologies. A set of technical lectures and hands-on training will be provided by JetBrains, Microsoft, and Zeiss.

Tags: Virtual/Augmented reality, Data analysis, Machine learning, Kotlin, Android, iOS, Azure

About school
General chairs
16–24 March 2019
Munich, Germany
24 February
Deadline for applications
until 27 February
27 February
Final list of participants
16-24 March
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