Joint Advanced Student School
Joint Advanced Student School
The JASS is the annual Russian-German Student School on project driven software development for emerging technologies. The main goal of the school was to create a place where a group of students and professors from different countries could implement a short-term, project-oriented and project-driven education in joint international teams. In five days team from 4-5 students creates and delivers a finished project. School topics: mobile devices, Internet of things, industrial applications, autonomous mobile robotics and transportation.

Multi Modal Transport Technology Challenge
Urban population grows at a much higher rate than transportation infrastructure, and yet people continue to mostly use cars for their trips. Multimodal transportation provides an approach to use a combination of existing infrastructure and modes of transportation that help complete all the different segments of a trip. The big drawback for multimodal transportation, on the other hand, is the time lost when changing transportation modes.

As with any trip, there are different criteria which can be taken into consideration when evaluating a selected route. The goal of this project is to evaluate how multimodal transport compares against single mode in respect to travel time and energy consumption, especially in the context of autonomous driving.

Student teams will develop autonomous interfaces for both small cars and drones, and duckies will act as single passengers in both transportation modes. Student teams get points for detecting QR codes in a parkour, where the codes are distributed between ground and walls, so that teams can only get many points if they change modes.

Mobile robotics, Autonomous driving, Robot Operating System,
Computer vision, Machine learning, Robot cooperation

General chairs
18-25 March 2018
Kantemirovskaya ul., 2, Saint Petersburg, Russia
5 March
Deadline for applications
until 10 March
11 March
Final list of participants
18-25 March
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